Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Today I went for a walk--something I haven't done since last fall. As I walked pasted, I thought about the house that use to be and about the people that use to live there. A gentle warm breeze was blowing my hair and the sun was unusually warm and calming on my back. The area where these trailer used set is now a long rectangle of dried overgrown weeds. The grass is filling in where the once warn tire tracks were and an old milk container that once held a blooming plant now holds a brown dried wither stalk. I just learned this past summer that the people who use to live there passed on this past winter in the early part of the year. It made me wonder if anyone remembers one’s personal preferences when one passes on. I mean what kind of plant was once alive a thriving in that old milk jug? What kind of a trailer did they own? What happened to their dog when they passed on? What was their purpose in life? Did they accomplish everything they wanted to in their short time on this earth? Does life really mean anything? What is our purpose in life? As the breeze continued to gently play with my hair, I continued to walk past. I realize life is too short not to be happy. I need to reorganize myself and reassess my priorities. What is my purpose in life especially if I am not happy or not doing what I want to do. One thing I do want is to leave my children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren something that might help them to make sense of their lives. I may not have tomorrow, or even tonight, or even the next second, yet if I am allowed to live a while longer, than I will be getting my scrapbook materials out this winter and finish what I can to make their childhood memories last a very long time through pictures and words.

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